Author: Kim

New Home? Here’s Why You Need a Land Survey

Surveying is a crucial part of the construction process, especially when the new land is bought with the intention of significantly renovating. However, not many people understand their importance very well.   Land surveyors are experts in determining and assessing the surrounding terrain and landscape for the purpose of development. They use specialised tools, technologies,…

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Review of The Lead Agency’s eBook

The content in insider secrets to insurance marketing was industry specific, and gave us great insight into how we could enhance the way we currently do things. You can tell that the authors of this eBook have had extensive experience with B2B marketing in the insurance sector, they really understood the complexities and challenges that…

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3 Ways to Avoid Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes can be an unsettling, costly and time-consuming situation for all of the individuals involved. When writing your will, it’s important to consider how the choices you’re making will be received by beneficiaries or those you’ve left out of your final testament. Inheritance disputes occur when an individual makes a claim against a testator’s…

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