Applications of Structural Steel

Applications of Structural Steel in Australia

Structural steel has stood out as the ideal material for to the construction of bridges, building and other enormous projects not just in Australia but in other developed countries of the world. They are mostly used because they offer an exceptional combination of great properties like lasting durability, adaptability and guaranteed strengths. Structural Steel is often favoured by the engineer aiming to maximise strength while minimising its weight. Although structural steels are used in many ways and their application can be diverse, some structures rely on structural steel more often than others. Here are the six common applications of structural steel in Australia today.

Large Buildings

Large buildings include high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Structural steel having a low weight-to-strength ratio makes it the ideal choice when building large buildings. High-rise buildings (heights between 75-491 feet) are mostly made up of concrete with reinforcements but skyscrapers (heights over 492 feet) are strictly built with steel frames. According to Wikipedia, Australia has more skyscrapers per person than any other country in the world. Skyscrapers like the Queensland Number One (Q1) and Eureka Tower were strictly built with structural steel frames. Using structural steel in building massive structures is also favorable to the speed of construction. With the right supplier on your side, steel can be fabricated and supplied quickly, allowing for a faster rate of construction.

Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Industrial and Commercial buildings include shopping malls and plazas, manufacturing industries, refineries, power plants etc. Structural steel is one of the most ideal materials to use when constructing industrial and commercial buildings. Not just because it is cost effective, but also because it provides strength beneficial to this category of building in more ways than just structural stability. With steel less labor costs are required throughout the project and it minimizes potential impact of repairs. With the highest strength to weight ratio out of any construction material, steel is capable of carrying extreme weights even the largest of industrial buildings and yet maintain. In addition, structural steel is valued for its durability and resistance to severe weather and natural disasters like heavy snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and even earthquakes. Steel is a great choice no matter how the climate of your area might be.

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings include bungalows, duplexes, condominiums, apartments, hotels and motels, etc. Structural steel is no doubt invaluable in the construction of residential buildings. Not just because it enhances the strength but also because it; gives the architect more design freedom, reduces the number of columns thus creating more space, and reduces the cost of labour. It also offers additional fire resistance and durability of the structure against extreme weather.


The two major materials commonly used for the construction of the structural members of any bridge are concrete (precast or cast in situ) and steel. Steel is more preferred for large bridges because it offers a low weight-to-strength ratio. What do you think this implies exactly? It simply means, compared to other materials, structural steel offers a higher strength at the same or even lower weight. This is important because the higher the weight of materials, the higher the labour required and the more expensive the entire project will be. The durability of structural steel also ensures that it will withstand the weight of moving vehicles and pedestrians on it.


Ships are sea vehicles mostly used for the transportation of valuable heavy cargo. Structural steel is also used in building ships because it satisfies some important requirements. The requirements of any materials used to build a ship include high strength, good weldability, excellent toughness, and a high level of corrosion resistance. This is why structural steel is the common choice.

Structural steel can be fabricated into some unusual shapes required to build a ship, yet still maintain its strength. The body of a ship is like structural steel plates curved and welded together to give it that streamlined figure. Using structural steel for the construction of ships guarantees the safety of both passengers and cargos, with minimum downtime due to maintenance.

Other applications of structural steel not mentioned include; trains and railway railings, stadiums, aircraft hangers, and so much more. You can agree with me that the benefits structural steel offers are impressive.



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