Marketing Automation Advantages

Essential Marketing Automation Advantages

Most of us can hardly imagine life without technological improvements. Machines do nearly all of our housework for us, even if we’re not at home. Washing machines and dryers take care of our laundry, dishwashers make it easy to clean heaps of dirty dishes, while smart thermostats regulate the energy spent on keeping our house warm during the winter months.

However, the people who have the greatest use from automation are digital marketing experts. Tedious tasks that would usually take time and money became automatic in the advertising domain. By freeing up the hours once used for repetitive work, digital marketers can dedicate their precious time to concentrate on more labour-intensive tasks.

We already defined marketing automation as a process that uses software to personalise, deliver, and/or measure everyday marketing content accross multiple channels to save time and to reach customers.

But, what are the advantages of using that automation in your business strategy?

Generating More Leads

According to Marketo, lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

In other words, it’s the beginning of the buying process. Leads turn into prospects and prospects turn into customers. In terms of marketing, the leads are at the top of the sales funnel, while the customers take the last place.

The perfect inbound lead generation tactic can entice people to check out your product, but if they simply aren’t interested in buying, there’s little you can do.

Marketing automation can reach them at the right time in the funnel when they’ve already shown interest. For example, if they subscribe to the site to get more info about your business or if they scroll long enough through the pages.

Marketing Automation for Faster Lead Conversion

Except for lead generation, marketing automation helps faster lead conversion through lead nurturing. If you’re trying to reach the lead before they feel ready to engage, you’re most likely to fail and the competitors will snatch your lead.

The relationships you have with the future prospects can move them faster down the funnel. Luckily, there’s a strategy that makes it all possible.

First off, you have to get to know your target audience and when to communicate with them. In case you deliver everything at once and persist to throw information at people, they’ll probably become less interested in what you have to offer.

Second, it’s crucial to let them know you’re there, but in a subtle way. Once they need you, they’ll come looking for you.

Third, marketing automation lets you track your leads’ activity, their interest and the information they want.

Reducing Marketing Costs and Human Errors

Imagine a huge group of people working in the email department, where every single email to the future prospects has to be sent individually. It’s thousands of emails daily and it’s cost-ineffective. On top of that, who would hire 100 people in the same department in a mid-sized business?

A marketing automation software gets the work done in a few clicks. Plus, it can personalize the emails according to your potential customers’ wishes.

As mentioned, the software reduces marketing costs but it also eliminates human errors. At least 80 of those 100 people in the email department would have typos if there weren’t for marketing automation programs.

Marketing Automation and Easier Post Scheduling

Facebook posts get published on a daily basis, while businesses post a few times a day on Twitter. Even if there was a person in charge of posting the content every 10 minutes, they would have to spend the entire day in front of the screen.

Fortunately, marketing automation programs enable you to create the posts beforehand and schedule them whenever you want.

Likewise, you can allocate certain posts to precise audience groups, thus ensuring the right people see the information they are genuinely interested in.

Revenue Increase and Analysis

After enlisting all the advantages that marketing automation brings to your marketing strategy we can safely say that in the end, it boosts sales.

There’s no instant revenue increase once you start using marketing automation, and investing in a software can cost more upfront. But, the lead conversion and reducing marketing costs in other areas make up for it in the long run.

Lastly, probably the greatest advantage of automation solutions is the integration with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to see which tactics are working as planned and which are predestined to fail.


Improvements in technology have entered most domains of our lives. In the advertising business, marketing automation can bring numerous advantages, such as bringing in more leads, marketing cost reduction, easier scheduling and revenue increase.

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