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New Home? Here’s Why You Need a Land Survey

Surveying is a crucial part of the construction process, especially when the new land is bought with the intention of significantly renovating. However, not many people understand their importance very well.


Land surveyors are experts in determining and assessing the surrounding terrain and landscape for the purpose of development. They use specialised tools, technologies, and equipment to do assess complex projects, buildings, and developments.


Why do developers need their land surveyed?

Land surveyors are often the first people on any construction or development site, as they are the ones who measure and map the land before anything else. Their measurements are then used by architects to design the landscape, and by engineers to plan buildings structures accurately and safely. In short, their work forms the foundational information for the other project plans.


Accurately understanding the dimension, topography, and other important characteristics of any site is the key to planning buildings, towns, and projects. For instance, if your renovation plan requires constructing new rooms, you need to understand whether everything can fit within the site boundaries. Moreover, a planning permit is often required by the local government department. As such, having a professional survey conducted on your land is mandatory.


When do I need a land surveyor?

There are many uses of land survey, and here are some of them.



1. Extending Your Property


When you are planning an extension, a surveyor needs to be engaged so that the designer has a starting point. Typically, a title re-establishment and a feature & level survey will be required for this purpose.


2. Erecting a Fence


It is always a good idea to request a title re-establishment survey before building any new fence on your property. The purpose is to ensure that your boundaries are right where you think they are, thus preventing any possibility of a boundary dispute with your neighbours.


3. Boundary Dispute


While we want to avoid any disputes with our neighbours as much as possible, sometimes such situations are just inevitable. A title re-establishment survey would provide both you and your neighbour with a legal document to resolve the dispute, which indicates the true locations of your titles. 


4. Subdivision of Land


Similar to home extension, the process of subdividing your land starts with an existing conditions survey to show both the designer and the council regarding the current opportunities and restraints that exist in the area.


Why only a licensed land surveyor?

A licensed surveyor will define your land boundaries and, upon request, could provide a certified plan confirming that the work has been completed correctly. Meanwhile, surveys prepared by non-licensed surveyors do not have legal standing, and thus will not be recognised as a legitimate evidence in the event of a boundary dispute.


Moreover, each state and territory has its own governing body who registered the licensed surveyors. In Victoria, licensed surveyors are registered by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV). As such, if your property is located in Victoria, it is important to seek for SRBV-certified land surveyors if you want to avoid the risk.

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