6 of the Most Common Neighbour Disputes and What to Do

They say a bit of banter is always good between neighbours, but what happens when the banters have turned sour and all that is left is boiling resentment? 

Unfortunately, disputes between neighbours are more common than we may expect. According to a 2013 survey, almost 50% of neighbours have some kind of dispute. Here are the six most common reasons for disputes and what to do about them. 


Whether the source of the noise came from late-night parties, crying babies, or opposite sleeping schedules, too much noise can disturb the daily life and activities of your neighbours. 

There is no solution other than honesty and clear communication between each other. 


Although you may fancy your dogs or cats, they may cause trouble for your neighbours, such as excreting in their yard or barking all the time. If your pets are not properly taken care of, they may bring germs, bacterias, and diseases to the neighbourhood. This is precisely why you need to train your pets and be financially responsible for any damages that could potentially happen. 


Similarly, young children may be noisy, act unruly around neighbours’ properties, and even cause physical damage to public areas or properties. Again, the solution is to ensure your children are trained well and understand basic manners before roaming around the neighbourhood. 

Suspected Criminal Behaviour

Almost 10% of all disputes are caused by suspicion or distrust towards the neighbours. From petty neighbourhood crimes, such as stealing newspapers or packages, to pet poisoning and murder. Things can escalate in a quick manner, which is why it’s important to try and have honest conversations with the neighbours, and if nothing works, collect some evidence and go to the authorities. 

Health or Building Code Violations 

It’s overly simplistic to think that your violation only affects your household. Not complying with rules, such as not having a window for every room, can increase the risk of mould and fire, which could affect your neighbours’ properties as well. Another health risk is bug manifestation. This is why every member of the community needs to ensure compliance with any health or building code for the safety of all. 

Property Boundaries 

Sometimes, you may want a giant oak tree that grows sideways and could potentially invade your neighbour’s area as it grows in height. You may also want to change the type of stone on your shared sidewalk, but your neighbour may not agree. So, what’s next? 

Well, when it comes to property boundaries, a re-establishment survey needs to be done. You may want to ask, what is a re establishment survey? Re establishment survey cost

Re-establishment surveys are done when the boundaries of specific lots and properties need to be redefined. Whether you’re looking to build a new fence, change the tiles of a sidewalk, and many more, it is always safer to clearly define boundaries beforehand. 

Other questions you may ask are – What is a feature survey? Application for survey plan? Survey levels

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