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Conflicting Property Boundaries: What To Do?

A property is a very valuable asset to own, but it also comes with its own set of difficulties. The most notable one is about the boundaries of the property that more often than not cause a conflict with the neighbouring property. Boundary disputes usually arise after a confusing legal description that prompted two land owners to claim the same area of land. The matter in question may describe the same tract of land, or even wording confusion in the description that would lead the owners to believe that the land is theirs. This issue is caused mostly by faulty legal descriptions that are written by people without any surveying experience and lacking the proper qualification. So, what is the solution for this issue? This article explains what you can do should your property boundaries be questioned.

Qualified Surveyor is the Key

Boundary disputes are a serious matter when it comes to property ownership, however, it’s something that can be avoided. Conduct a land and site surveying before the construction on any structure begins, especially if the placement is believed to approach the legal property boundary. Knowing full well where your property boundaries are will significantly reduce the dispute or conflicts potential. It’s still entirely possible for difficult neighbors to claim your boundary as their own due to their selfish reasons, but you don’t need to be afraid as the land surveyor you hired has all the critical evidence of the legal boundary. Should a boundary be called into question without any apparent reason, your survey results will become an important mediation tool to set a boundary agreement between the two lands, and resolving the conflict at hand.

You might wonder what if the neighbors are persistent and willing to take this matter into court. Not to worry, as qualified land surveyors can act as expert witnesses during a court case to settle the dispute. Even though a survey can be a good bargaining tool, a legal determination of property ownership in the context of a dispute can only be resolved in the court of law. If the situation escalated to this extent, then be sure to ask your land surveyor beforehand if they are willing and able to testify as your expert witness for your boundary survey. Having a professional and qualified land surveyor on your corner would make it easier to claim the rights to your property boundaries, all the while quenching the dispute or conflict.

In Conclusion

Protect your property boundaries and claim what is truly yours by working together with a certified surveyor.

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