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Review of The Lead Agency’s eBook

The content in insider secrets to insurance marketing was industry specific, and gave us great insight into how we could enhance the way we currently do things. You can tell that the authors of this eBook have had extensive experience with B2B marketing in the insurance sector, they really understood the complexities and challenges that we face.

Customers are at the heart of our insurance business, and we’re constantly looking for new ways that we can improve our service to better meet their needs. Because of this, I found the chapter on customers particularly beneficial. The suggestion to employ a customer-centric business model was something that we hadn’t thought about before, and it made so much sense for our business.

We decided to take this on board and, ever since, have started to develop a strong focus on how we can create more valuable relationships with our customers. Our team has worked to establish a greater presence on digital domains. We started by becoming more active on our Facebook page and responding to comments, and then ended up adding a live chat feature onto our website. Since doing this, the results have been fantastic. By increasing our number of interactions with clients, we’re fostering more meaningful relationships and have found we’re more aware of their needs.

I’d never considered the importance of celebrating holidays with my clients until reading insider secrets to insurance marketing, and now I can hardly imagine our business without this personal touch. We’ve started keeping track of when exactly clients become involved with our business, and send out a “Happy Anniversary” package to them for each milestone. It’s such a thoughtful way of giving back to those at the centre of what we do, and helps us show our appreciation for their ongoing support.

This eBook has been a great resource for my employees and myself on a day-to-day basis. I couldn’t name how many times we’ve been unsure of which direction to take, or haven’t quite understood a concept put forward by our B2B marketing consultants, and have been able to resolve these uncertainties with a quick flick through insider secrets to insurance marketing. It’s a comprehensive guide and, unlike many I’ve looked at in the past, doesn’t use an excessive amount of jargon. I’m not an experienced marketer, but I could understand all of the strategies that were being discussed and the reasoning behind them.

I loved the graphics used throughout the eBook, sometimes text can tiresome to read but this wasn’t the case at all with insider secrets to insurance marketing. The strategies shared were kept concise, while still providing me with all of the information needed to form a strong knowledge of B2B marketing in the insurance industry.

I’ve read many marketing books during my time working in the insurance industry, and none have stuck with me quite like insider secrets to insurance marketing. It’s not often you find a resource that truly understands the intricacies of marketing to clients in the insurance sector. I’m looking forward to implementing even more of their strategies in future.


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