The Top Electrical Hazards to Look Out for in Winter

Winter is the time to get cosy, toasty and warm, usually with the help of electricity. Unfortunately, as the weather cools down, the chance of certain electrical hazards increases.

Cold weather damage

If you’re in an area where snow and ice tends to build up, you may experience power interruptions or electrical damage. You should be especially careful if you have exposed wiring in uninsulated areas of your home, such as electrical equipment in your shed. Cold weather can cause wires to become brittle, leading to major damage!

The best thing to do is to have an Auckland electrician come inspect your house wiring Auckland and install insulation if needed.


We all want to head indoors when the weather’s cold, and unfortunately, this can mean pests like rats will also want to seek shelter in your home! Rats chew through anything, including your wiring, which can pose some serious electrical dangers. Aside from practicing basic pest control and prevention, look out for any signs of chewing or damage to your wires.

Overloading your system

If your home was built some time ago, chances are it isn’t designed to handle the electrical demands of today. We spend more time indoors when it’s cold, and will likely use more lights, chargers and devices as well as heating blankets, ovens and dryers.

An overloaded system can lead to devastating electrical fires, so it’s well worth switching off your devices when they are not in use and making sure that you don’t overload your home circuit. 

You can read about the dangers of faulty house wiring Auckland here. We also tell you what you need to know about Auckland house rewire. Contact your residential electricians Auckland today.


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