UPS Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

UPS, AC, DC (not ACDC, the band) and all other jargon may seem a little daunting to us everyday people. If you’re new to the world of power services, data and protection (don’t worry, we’ll explain all the terms below), don’t let the fancy terms jar you from making smart decisions about data protection and power supply. If you’re considering buying a UPS and going in blank, consider this your fundamental guide to buying your first UPS and what to look for.

What is a UPS?

Simply put, a UPS is an uninterruptible power supply service that holds power long enough for all items plugged into the UPS to be shut down properly and avoid any failure or data loss. This type of emergency back up power is critical for equipment such as those in hospitals or businesses running on rivulets of data as part of their work.

Aside from being an outlet of back up power, a UPS can also protect connected devices from sudden power surges and volatility that can help protect the longevity of electrical equipment. 

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Why do you need a UPS?

Whether your business is run out of your home or you have a large scale corporation, having a backup power supply is an investment with long term rewards. If you find yourself in the middle of work and there is a blackout, your UPS will immediately switch on and be a power source for the length of the UPS battery. The length of power supply will depend on the battery of the UPS but it can help safely shut down sensitive equipment, hardware and data servers amongst others.

What types of UPS installation are out there?

There are three types of UPS systems: standby, line-interactive and double conversion. The category that would suit your the best depends on the power protection you require. Requesting a talk from an expert in UPS installation can help you figure out the best type of UPS you need for you. 

Customising your UPS: Turnkey power solutions

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Every business has different needs for their power. Whether it is an IT organisation, government institution, healthcare, security or energy infrastructure, it is important that your UPS fits your expectations. UPS suppliers can provide customised options, called turnkey power solutions, that are unique to your business. The electricians can inspect and suggest necessities you require as a business and then provide a solution that can directly plug into your existing power supply. This is a seamless and reliable way to ensures data protection and equipment handling. A reliable UPS provider can also give you continual UPS preventive maintenance to better aid your power protection.

You’ll be hardpressed to find a company without any dependency on power. Whether that is for data storage or to power massive equipment, a power outage or surge can significantly affect your operations. Avoid any pitfalls and invest in a UPS that will seamlessly plug into your existing power supply. If you’re ready to invest in a smart decision, choose Nothern Lights Data, your expert in data and protection UPS Auckland.


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