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Why Facebook is Good for Promoting Your Business

Facebook has grown to be one of today’s best venues to market your business. Here you can share videos, links, and images that you think your key audience would like to see. This way you can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Facebook ads is Facebook’s own form of advertising. The ads appear next to the news feed, or sometimes even in the newsfeed. These ads are similar to for example AdWords ads, and include a link to another Facebook page, an app, or an outside website. (Want to know more about AdWords marketing? Get in touch with an AdWords marketing agency).

Facebook advertising is a perfect tool to use if you want to drive more traffic to your website, or want to get more likes on your Facebook page. By using Facebook data about your customers, you can target people on interests, location, age, and education. You can run multiple ads to compare how they are performing. You can also set a budget for your ads.

Sponsored stories are a different kind of Facebook ad. The idea behind this technique is that you are more inclined to pay attention to pages or apps that your friends like. The goal of sponsored stories is to get a user to take the same action as their friends. Advertisers can choose to show friends who have liked something to get more people to like it, or show friends who have claimed an offer to get more user to claim offers.

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