Women In Surveying: Road To Equality

Gender equality’s long-awaited and anticipated arrival has finally come. With the recent shift in the surveying industry, previously dominated by men, more and more women are joining and thriving. This could only be possible by the joint efforts to uphold women’s rights and give equal opportunity for them to flourish and make their mark in the surveying world. This article explains how they come into the fray of the surveying world, its statistics, and the good that came from such activities.

The Field and Media Support

Many organisations and events are being held to make this a reality. The first one is an event created and certified by surveyor Ian Iredale. Held at ANZAC Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park, this event consists of an engaging and challenging Maths in Surveying test. Students have to estimate the height of the ANZAC Monument and measure its distances. The purpose of this challenge is to entice passion and excitement for young female students to the ever-growing surveying industry and STEM. Ian Iredale organised this event passionately and thoughtfully by inviting NSW Governor General David Hurley and NSW Surveyor-General Narelle Underwood to convey surveyors’ importance and role in building a state-of-the-art and safe infrastructure. For example, the Memorial Centenary Project could move forward without a hitch due to the impeccable expertise of surveyors. The Sydney Morning Herald also highlighted this grand event to share about the involvement of young women in the surveying world and their development regarding STEM to the rest of the world. This monumental story was also picked up by the colossal Brisbane Times, stating that this kind of event is one of the most relevant topics across the country. The support shown by organisations and media alike is crucial to facilitating young women in surveying.

The Statistics

The Australian Federal Government contracted YouthInsight has consulted with 2.092 students, ranging from 12 to 25. The surveys showed that students in grades nine and ten only have 32% of girls choosing to take STEM subjects boys are at 70%. These numbers are precisely why events such as the Maths in Surveying challenge are necessary to motivate females to pursue a career in surveying to understand the importance and diverse opportunity it provides.

In Conclusion

The surveying world is no longer a field dominated by men. Women worldwide are now equipped with the abilities and opportunity to enter and take the surveying industry to greater heights, making real change to the world.

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